Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ms. SLSU snags Ms.SCUAA 2008 title

The alluring beauties of the candidates captivated everyone's attention during the Ms. SCUAA pageant held at SLSU covered court, last October 26, 2008. It serves as one of the highlights of the 24th SCUAA Meet.
Ms. Kristin Ortega, the former Ms. SCUAA had bequeathed her title to her new successor, the bubbly, sweet and beautiful Ms. SLSU, Noemi Touzo Nacinopa. She had surfaced out the battle of beauty and brain against nine gorgeous candidates from different State Colleges and Universities (SUCs) in Region VIII. The newly-crowned beauty queen is a 20 year old senior student, taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. In an interview with her, she said that, she deserves the crown because it's her pride to bring the name of her beloved university.
As a recapped, the pageant night began with the melodious voices of the SLSU Glee Club, brief presentation about Southern Leyte, introduction of the members of the board of judges and reading of criteria. All these presentations were coupled with technology-based preparations.
The ten lovely candidates competed in five minor awards, these included Best in Production, Best in Swimwear, Best in Casual Wear, Best in Long Gown and Best in Talent, wherein the talent search was prejudged last October 24, 2008. The beautiful ladies introduced themselves with their festival costumes symbolizing their respective provinces. Then, the beauties appeared in their fascinating casual attire. Later on, they faced the questions in the preliminary interview. These questions were all taken from their personal data. And, amidst tension, they substantially answered the questions given to them.
The activities of the candidates in the recent days were shown in the VTR. It also showed how these beautiful ladies flourished in their swim wear. And once again, they flaunt their captivating bodies live on stage during the search proper.
While the candidates brandished their elegant long gown, they were given certificates of participation. These were handed to them by their university president or sports director.Then, the moment of truth came. For the special awards, Ms. Noemi T. Nacinopa (SLSU) garnered the Ms. Photogenic and Ms. Natasha award; Ms.Jennifer C. Doroja (SSCAF) chosen as Ms. Congeniality; Ms. Toni Rose T. Valenzuela (UEP) for the Mr. Donut Choice award; and, Ms. Kristhea M. Dalut (EVSU) as Ms. Goldlife. The special awardees received a cash prize, sash, bouquet and a trophy courtesy of the pageant sponsors.
The following are the results of the 5 Minor awards: Ms. Noemi T. Nacinopa (SLSU), awarded as Best in Production and Best in Casual Wear; Ms. Toni Rose T. Valenzuela (UEP) as Best in Swimwear and Best in Long Gown; and Ms. Lawrence D. Camandao (VSU), as Best in Talent. Each of these special awards has a 10% bearing on the candidates’ total performance.
Half of the ten candidates made it to the crucial question and answer portion. They were asked to pick the name of the judge who will ask them the final question. During this round, ratings of the previous categories were not included. The top five were: Toni Rose T. Valenzuela (UEP), Jennylyne S. Torcinco (TTMIST), Laurence Comandao (VSU), Brizha Raey B. Beley (PIT), and Noemi T. Nacinopa (SLSU).
The quest for Ms. SCUAA 2008 ended when the winners were revealed by the masters of ceremony. Toni Rose Valenzuela (UEP) was proclaimed second-runner up, followed by Brizha Raey Baldos Beley (PIT) as first runner up. Finally, this year’s titlist for Ms. SCUAA is Noemi T. Nacinopa of Southern Leyte State University.
Although the pageant was successful, the pageant committee was not able to control the crowd considering the number of their student police.