Tuesday, September 19, 2006

this is strictly for BSBA-1A & 1B!!!!!!!

.....i really miss the time u have had your first assignment in this site...hehehehe! so again answer the following:
1.What is the evidence for the Big Bang?
2.What happened during the Big Bang?
3.What is this "anti-gravity"? [The cosmological constant]
4.Why do we think that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating?
5.What is quintessence?
6.How old is the Universe?
7.Is the Universe really infinite or just really big?

....pls. accomplish this on or before monday (sept. 25, 2006) 10pm.(this would be the deadliest deadline...)
.....nice dating with my blog..........mwahhhhhhh!!!!!

attention bshrm-2A......eyes here!

...let's refresh our knowledge in immune system......ok?

1. What part of the immune system is part of the body's defenses that target specific foreign invaders?
2. What are the effects of histamine?
3. Discuss the compliment system. How does it kill bacterial cells? How does it enhance antigen-antibody interactions? Does it attract phagocytes or increase the probability that a bacterial cell will be engulfed?
4. Where do B lymphocytes mature? Do B cells contain receptor molecules?
5. Discuss clonal selection. Discuss how specific antibodies are produced.
6. Discuss passive immunity and give an example.


hey there BSHRM-2B!!!!!!!

What is DNA?
Is DNA dangerous?
Is DNA from genetically engineered organisms dangerous?
Can DNA (from genetically engineered organisms) mutate me?
Can DNA "left over" from genetic engineering infect other organisms?
What is mutation?
Is mutation bad?

thanks a lot for the time.....pls. do this on or before 10pm friday (sept. 22, 2006) .....have a nice day!