Thursday, September 01, 2005

mga bagong balita ng siyensiya...

Turning Back Time: Embryonic stem cell rejuvenates skin cell
By fusing an embryonic stem cell with an adult skin cell, researchers have created cells that retain valuable embryonic characteristics but carry the adult cell's genes. more...
Warm Ice: Frozen water forms at room temperature
Ultrathin films of ice observed at room temperature and ordinary atmospheric pressure should be more widespread than previously thought, according to new experiments indicating that weaker-than-expected electric fields induce such freezing. more...
Earthshaking Event
Seismic instruments have provided a wealth of information about the earthquake that rocked Sumatra on Dec. 26, 2004. more...
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MathTrek: Primes, Palindromes, and Pyramids
Prime numbers that have the same sequence of digits whether read forward or backward can be built into pyramids.
Food for Thought: Nonstick Pollution Sticks in People
A new study reveals high blood concentrations of a potentially toxic component of nonstick products in people near a plant making Teflon.
TimeLine: 70 Years Ago in Science News
Learning from spiders, a tiny electric motor, and two new cancer-causing chemicals.

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