Monday, December 10, 2012

Let's hear it this way...

Manny Pacquiao lost a fight and people are blaming his change in religious out look for it. i just heard someone on the TV say that Pacquiao lost because he stopped wearing his rosary and doing the sign of the cross on his fights ever since his challenge with Bradley. well let me sort this out,.. by this, you guys are implying that wearing a rosary is and has always been his path way to victory. so, if wearing a rosary+sign of the cross=victory, and considering the fact that marquez and bradley eventually won, please ask this to yourselves ; did Bradley and Marquez wear a rosary on their victory?
Manny eventually fought as if his only goal was to erase people's disappointment to him due to his performance during his previous fight, particularly being slow enough to deliver less hits on Bradley. He fought hoping he would bring back the smile on people's face by showing that he regained his vast speed which people thought was already gone. He did it for the sake of everyone's entertainment and he did it in exchange for the fatal blow on his face.
Manny lost because he was meant to lose, the creator have probably decided a better plan for this event and of course Manny's life proves that he is being prepared for something better in life other than boxing.

Pacquiao, on the hands of defeat, still showed a positive outlook on his fight and
appreciated Marquez's drastic improvement in boxing skills.
his sportsmanship and attitude never failed to surprise many. this is what his new religious outlook made him.One heck of a boxer I still salute!

:-) Long Live Filipinos!


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