Tuesday, January 12, 2010

...Midterm Exam in Human Genetics (O dba?...talbog iu BIOCHEM?hmf!

Hi guys, i hope you are doin' fine...i've changed my mind for i am about to leave for Cebu this coming Saturday (January 16, 2010) via Cokaliong Shipping Lines...(for my check-up @ Chong Hua Hospital)...so, i would like you to answer the following questions as part of your midterm examination....let's take this all in advance, for we all know that we might not finish all our business in this subject...ok?so here we go...

1) Why do children look similar to their parents?
2) Why do some children look more like their mothers and others look more like their fathers?
3) How is the similarity between children and parents controlled?
4) What controls an organism's development?
5) How does a cell divide into two cells?
6) How does an embryo develop into an organism?

7) What is a gene & where is it located?
8) When, where and how are genes expressed?
9) How many genes do we have?
10) Do all organisms have the same number of genes?
11) Is the number of genes proportional to the size of the organism?
12) Do all genes get expressed?
13) What is the relationship between gene and the appearance of an organism (genotype vs phenotype)?
14) What do genes do in an organism's development?
15) How are genes regulated?

(please take note that each item costs 10 points...total of 150/150..deadliest deadline will be on January 22,2010@12:00 nun....gudluck and God bless!)...see yah!

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