Tuesday, January 12, 2010

...i'm lost without your LOVE...:)hik!

Do I hate you?


I could never truly hate you.

I could never turn around,

And say that you have changed,

So much that i now despise you.

Do I envy you?


Your freedom to love,

To manipulate my passions,

To dictate where we will go,

And what we will do.

I envy you for all you are,

All you have.

All I have is you,

And I wonder if that is enough.

Do I fear you?


When I get so lost in the moment,

When I refuse to be just yours,

When your passion turns to fury...


And then you say how I anger you so,

And how eventually I'll pay.

And while I crave your punishment,

Sometimes...I'm afraid.

But most important of all,

Beyond hate, envy, and fear,

Beyond the tears,

Beyond the lies,

Beyond the pain,

Beyond it all,

I ask the most important question.

Do I love you?


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