Wednesday, August 10, 2005

b a m b 0 0 ! ! !

Bamboo Mañalac is well-admired for his powerful presence and breathtaking voice that people wonder if his true persona takes a 180-degree turn when he’s on stage. On this perceived notion of being “wild” on stage, he simply notes that he’s focused in all of his performances. It is this unique concentration and energy that blows away the fans who admire him enormously. But even as such charm endears him to many, others have supposedly been turned off by his aloofness. “I maybe mysterious to some people, but if you see me walk in a mall, and come up to me…I’m fine,” Bamboo says.

Bamboo is no newbie to the world of rock. He was previously the lead vocalist for Rivermaya before leaving the country to study and work abroad. Upon his return, formed a new band interestingly named after him. He didn’t favor the band’s name at first but agreed to it as long as it referred to the four-member group. Since Bamboo, the band, introduced its kind of music, it has been praised by many critics and fans alike.

His creativity and music sense could have only come from his family’s gene pool. He recalls sticking to the walls the poems he got from his grandparents when he was young. His dad is into music as well and his mom has a background in theater. It could be his creativity that makes Bamboo an ambitious individual and at heart, simply a serious performer. And if the “astig” image is part of the consequence, so be it. “Astig means you’re cool,” Bamboo says, quickly adding, “I just know who we are [as a band] and what we do so I just focus on that.”

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