Friday, August 26, 2005

my sweet niece.....IGAY!

ashley kyle is my baby!!! don't you dare take her away from me! i am here prepared to take care of her as her daddy as she calls me!i really love her with all my heart. her simple ways make me smile wide. she makes me feel good and relaxed. i'm really glad that i have her. i'm really glad that she is mine, here by my side. here to share all the dufficulty together!i won't let you go! you are mine and i am yours! i will be here for you always! what ever may i make you feel the same way you make me feel? i hope you do coz i want you to experience the joy that you bring me.i want to kiss you. i want to hug you. will you do the same for me? 'coz you know, i will do anything you want me to. baby, i hope you like what I made for you... but i just want you to know that this is from my heart.i really do hope that we'd last. it only depends on us if we will make things work.this is all that i will promise you... i will love you with all my heart...

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