Monday, August 22, 2005

I never thought when we first met

I never thought when we first met we'd become such good friends;We've stuck by each others side even if our lives bend.You're aways there to bring a smile to my face;You'll always make me laugh no matter where the place.Even in sad times you've been there to guide the way;You're always there to listen to me every single day. Always on the other side of the phone listening to me blab on;You'll always be my best friend even when I'm gone.You've helped me through times when I thought I had no one;You've always stood by my side since our friendship begun. Your support and encouragement means so much to me;You've always tried your best and been the best you can be.Now I have you by me more then a friend; I know I'll always be able to rely on you till the very end.Thank you for the smiles and the challenges we still have to pass; I know if I have you by my side Our lives will be a blast.

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